The Perfect PUSH-UP Workout (3 LEVELS)

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It is possible to build a bigger chest with a push-up only workout, but you better pick the right variations of pushups and know how to construct your workout properly. In this video, I’m going to show you the perfect push up workout that you can do anywhere and regardless of what ability level you are at now. I’ll show you a beginner, intermediate and advanced push-up workout that will take you to your limit and get your chest growing with no equipment required.

To start however, we have to look at some of the limitations we encounter with other push-up workouts. First of all, any that starts with a rep prescription is inherently flawed. It is far too difficult to recommend a workout that is driven off of a rep goal on push variations that doesn’t account for the different levels of strength of those performing the exercises.

Next, the choice of exercises is critical in a properly developed push up workout. If you fail to account for the fact that you will need adduction of the shoulder to get a complete chest contraction and only pick exercises that keep your hands separated apart, you will not get an optimal chest workout. Here I cover three versions of a pushup that will create relative adduction of the arm that will activate your pec muscles better than ever.

As for the specific exercises, it’s important that you take each one of them to failure as noted above. We simply cannot define how many reps are supposed to challenge every single person in a certain variation of a push-up. Instead, by programming reps to failure you can be sure that the effort level is going to be what is necessary to spark new changes in strength and muscle growth from doing the workout.

Beyond that however it is important to point out that just because your workout may only consist of pushups it does not mean that you are unable to target your upper, middle and lower chest. This is simply not true. With a careful selection of variations that position your arm higher than horizontal, at chest height and lower than horizontal we can do exactly that. We can hit the different fibers of the pecs more preferentially and therefore create a perfect chest workout.

Throw in the fact that it is important to speed up what you slow down and therefore should include at least one explosive pushup variation in your workout and you will have a pushup sequence that is second to none in effectiveness. Try this out and see if you can progress your way up to the point that you are completing all of the advanced level exercises without having to take extra time to complete.

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