20 Minute FREE Beginner Spin Class

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This 20 minute spin is a free online spin class that you can do from the comfort of your own home or even the gym. This is a 20 minute spin workout which is a great place to start for any beginner. If you’ve never done indoor cycling before this is a great beginner spin class. One of the best things about an indoor cycle workout is that you determine your own difficulty level which can specific to you on any given day you’re doing a spinning class.

For this 20 minute spin class, just follow along with the instructor and all the cues she gives about cycling. Many people are looking for a streaming spin class and that’s a great way to get some extra cardio in to go along with your strength training workouts.

If you’re looking to lower your body fat level, doing an indoor cycling class is a great idea, but it’s not the only strategy you’ll want to employ. In addition to your spin class workout you’ll want to do some strength training. Building muscle helps you burn fat even while you’re at rest. In addition to your online cycling classes you’ll also want to make sure that you’re following the best nutrition plan.

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