30 Minute HIIT Workout (900 REPS TO DEATH!)

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This 30 minute HIIT routine is a full body HIIT workout with almost 1000 reps. This is a high intensity interval training advanced HIIT workout designed to help you build muscle and burn loads of fat.
For this 1000 rep workout you’re going to do 50 reps of 8 exercises followed by 500 high knees. This actually makes up 900 reps for this HIIT cardio workout, but if you haven’t finished all those reps by the time this 30 minute workout is up, you have to start again! We’re sure you can make it a 1000 reps challenge with no problem!

This is the ideal interval training routine for anyone looking for a full body HIIT workout. If you’re advanced give this total body workout a try!

Here are the exercises that make up this advanced HIIT challenge:

1) Weighted Squat Kickout
2) Inchworm
3) Jump Squats
4) Half Burpee w/Side Jump
5) Lay Down Knee Drive
6) Under Out Ab Tucks
7) Weighted Step Up Burpee
8) Single Leg Knee Hugs

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