5 Minute Home Tricep Workout WITHOUT Equipment!

Date: 2020-03-07 15:11:32

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Everyone talks about biceps because having a big pump looks good. Triceps are what makes your arms look even bigger because there are 3 different muscles in the tricep. In this video I am going to show you a 5 minute home tricep workout without equipment.

The great thing about this workout is you can do it anywhere. There is no equipment involved and it only will take you 5 minutes! Let’s get started with the exercises in this tricep workout without equipment.

Exercise #1… DIPS (any variation). Find a table, chair, or couch and put your hands on the edge. Every exercise I show you today, do 8 reps for each exercise. Keep the rest short, and do two sets of each exercise.

Exercise #2… Pike Pushups. You want your elbows to go back, not to the side because we want to focus on the triceps not the chest. You are really going to feel the burn in your triceps from this.

Exercise #3… Diamond Pushups. We are going to put our hands in the ground together in the shape of a diamond. This is a more advanced exercise that can be a little tough. If it is tough, you can do it with your knees touching the ground.

This workout is great because it is quick, requires no equipment, and you can do it anywhere. That wraps up this video tutorial with the 5 minute home tricep workout without equipment.

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