5 Ways to Get More Collagen and Utilize it Better

Date: 2019-11-29 07:01:40

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5 Ways to Get More Collagen and Utilize it Better – Thomas DeLauer

Look, you don’t just get collagen in your system by eating foods that are high in collagen. Sure, that is one way to do it, but I don’t expect you to be going around chewing on tendons and ligaments. That’s just not realistic.

Yet collagen is so, so critical for so many different things within our body, not just our skin, but for muscle growth, for recovery, for overall inflammatory responses within the body to keep inflammation at bay. It’s a very, very important thing. So what I’m going to do in this video is
I’m going to give you five very clean cut ways to not just get collagen into your body, but to improve the bioavailability of collagen in your body so it can be utilized because collagen is not just created magically from what we eat. You see, collagen is a unique combination of different amino acids that are constructed and built into a scaffolding that our body can use in different applications.

So as long as we have a pool of aminos, we can always create collagen. But we need lots of things to support the creation of collagen inside our body. Quick example, even if you were to go eat the perfect cut of meat that had lots of collagen, your body would still have to break that meat down and it would have to reassemble so it would take it in its complete form, break it down to an incomplete form, and then recompose it to a complete form. The point is, we need to give our body what it needs to be able to produce and use collagen, so we live healthy and we feel great.

Number one is a pretty obvious one. Bone broth. Now don’t think that this video is going to be generic and boring just because I’m leading off with the most popular one. I just put it here because it is common and you can get good amounts of collagen from bone broth. It’s so bioavailable because you’re taking the amino acids that you need from collagen and you’re literally taking those bones and tendons and you’re cooking it down.

You’re getting all of the collagen, types one, types two and types three that you need to have complete collagens within the body. So what’s interesting is that the baseline aminos that we need are proline, glycine, and arginine. Now, within those aminos, they get bound to all kinds of different aminos in our body. The point is is that once you have these bare bone basics of collagen, then your body can add whatever other amino acids it needs to to create specific collagens.

All right. Now let’s go ahead and let’s move in to the next one. Garlic, it’s not just good for keeping the vampires away. Honestly has some powerful effects mainly coming from something known as caffeic acid. Remember how I was talking about that ellagic acid that’s in the berries? Well, the caffeic acid works along the same pathway, except in this way, it’s directly affecting the expression of the MMP signaling, so it’s working more on a genetic level to make sure that that MMP doesn’t get produced. Remember MMP is what triggers the degradation and the breakdown of collagen. So in this case, the caffeic acid that’s in garlic is stopping the actual gene expression that would normally release the MMP.

There was a study that was published in The Journal PLOS One that took a look at garlic and found that there’s three components in garlic, one of which was caffeic acid that increased the amounts of procollagen type one, all while down-regulating MMP. So what meant is which came first, the chicken or the egg probably is the fact that there were sufficient amounts of collagen so the body didn’t need to induce inflammation and elevate MMP.

So as always, I invite you to stay connected with this channel. Make sure you’re hitting that subscribe button, and then please do comment, any future ideas for videos down below. I’ll see you soon.



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