6 Pack Standing Abs Exercises With Weights (DO THESE!)

Date: 2019-12-08 17:04:40

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Guys… Are you ready to get 6 pack abs? Are you tired of doing the same old ab exercises, but not getting the results you want? Stick around and I will give you 3 standing abs exercises that you can do to get you toward that 6 pack…

These exercises are designed to help you strengthen your core because a strong core is good for your spine and helps with your compound lifts.

Exercise #1… Overhead Hold. Keep your lower back tight and contract your abs with the weights above your head. You should feel your core shaking and contracting throughout this whole exercise.

Start with 30 seconds, and focus on progression. Try to do 40 seconds and 50 seconds as you progress doing this exercise.

Just make sure to not arch your back and keep your core engaged, and this will really strengthen your core…

Exercise #2… Dumbbell Woodchop. This is a rotational movement where you go from low to high with the dumbbell. Have your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width.

This exercise you should really feel in your external obliques…and you are going to do this on each side…

Exercise #3… Dumbbell Suitcase Carry. You want to use as heavy of a dumbbell as you can for this exercise. Make sure to keep your shoulders square, to make sure the contraction is coming from your abs without assistance from your shoulders.
You can do all of these exercises without lying down on the floor. Implement these exercises into your weekly routines, to help build that stronger abdominal section.

That wraps up this tutorial with standing abs exercises to help you get a 6 pack and strengthen your core.

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