How to Prevent a Slow Metabolism the Scientific Way

Date: 2019-12-28 13:45:00

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How to Prevent a Slow Metabolism the Scientific Way – Thomas DeLauer

We all fear the metabolic slowdown, the dreaded slowing of our metabolism. From the time that we’re about 20 years old, we start thinking about it, “When I turn 30, my metabolism’s going to slow down, and it’s game over.” Or the other side of the equation, “Oh, I’ve been in a caloric deficit, and I’m dieting for so long. Eventually, my metabolism is going to slow down.”

HOWEVER, it does NOT have to be that way. Sure, if you abide by conventional dieting wisdom, then, yes, you will end up down that road of a slowed metabolism…

So I’m going to give you some lifestyle and dieting tricks – from cheat meal hacks to workout tips – that you can use to keep your metabolism chugging along.

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