AT HOME Metabolic Strength Training Workout For Men

Date: 2019-12-04 15:09:25

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Guys..have you tried metabolic strength training? If you want to get Fit After 50, this will incorporate a little bit of what we have in our Fit After 50 Program.

Traditional strength training is when you rest between sets in the exercises in your workouts. Metabolic strength training does more than just help you build muscle…it is also going to help you burn body fat.

Those 2 things is what Metabolic Strength Training is all about!

In this workout, there will be little to no rest between each exercise. This is going to be a very time efficient workout, it is going to help you burn a lot of calories, and lastly it will create an EPOC effect. That means that long after you are done working out, your body is still going to br burning fat.

The goal is to move from one exercise to the next with very little rest, but if you need to slow down that is okay… And I want you to do 3 circuits of this workout.

Exercise #1… Back Lunge with curls. Once you do this exercise a little bit, it will be easier to maintain your balance.

Exercise #2… Overhead Snatch. For this exercise you are going to do 5 reps on each side, for a total of 10.

Exercise #3… Pushup to a Renegade Row. Again you are going to do 5 reps on each side.

Exercise #4… Squat to a Military Press. This is the last exercise in the first circuit.

This is an anaerobic workout, which is something I do a lot in my Fit After 50 workouts. This is great for expanding your metabolic capacity.

Well that is my at home metabolic strength training workout for men.

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