CORE FOCUS Workout (3 NEW Abs Exercises!)

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This core focused workout will help you build toned abs and a strong core at home. Unlike most abs workouts that contain ab exercises that you’ve done a million times over like crunches, bicycles and planks, this total core workout works the entire core, not just the abs. The ab exercises you’ll see here are fresh and new and ideal to incorporate into your abs workout program.

There are 3 abs exercises in this flat stomach routine. Because these are moves you’ve not likely tried before, please practice them before attempting the complete ab workout at home. If you are a beginner try to do 1-2 rounds of this strong core workout, If you’re more advanced you can do 3-4 rounds of this total core workout at home.

Here are the core exercises that make up this core strengthening workout:

1) Iso Hold Lunge
2) Knee Kettlebell Swing Raise
3) Slider Crunch Kickout

Remember getting a strong core is about more than just crunches. If you’re looking to get a flat stomach with the best home abs workout, subscribe to our YouTube channel

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