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Dr. Peter Attia – This is How You Live Longer

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – Dr. Peter Attia – This is How You Live Longer
0:30 – Lifespan vs Healthspan
2:46 – Use Code THOMAS20 for 20% off House of Macadamias!
4:01 – The Importance of Proper Sleep
6:17 – Does Everyone Need 8 Hours of Sleep?
8:50 – You Can Exercise But Not Be Healthy
10:35 – Can You Outwork a Bad Diet?
13:05 – Thomas ran his 1st Marathon at 11 Years Old
14:40 – Caloric Restriction & Life Extension
16:37 – Landmark Study in Rhesus Monkeys (diet quantity vs quality)
21:15 – AMPK vs mTOR Activation and Longevity
25:03 – How Insulin Resistance Affects Health & Longevity
28:25 – Why Exercise is So Crucial for Insulin Resistance
30:46 – Is a Glucose Spike Bad?
34:20 – If You Do a Low Carb Diet, Should You Occasionally Eat More Carbs?
35:20 – Cardio vs Weights to Bring Glucose Down
38:48 – Importance of Vo2max (cardio fitness) & Longevity
42:46 – Peter’s Cardio Routine
45:49 – The Issue with the Vo2max Test
50:48 – Instagram vs YouTube
52:14 – Do Cold Plunges Inhibit Muscle Growth?
53:25 – How Much is Too Much Stress?
55:24 – Cold Exposure vs Heat Therapy for Longevity
57:51 – The Crisis of Abundance
1:04:27 – The Key to Longevity is likely Multifaceted
1:09:09 – Where to Find More of Peter’s Content
1:09:43 – What Car Is Peter Driving on the Track These Days?

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