Grocery Shopping 101 How to Shop Healthy

Date: 2019-11-18 21:38:34

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Grocery Shopping 101 | How to Shop Healthy – Thomas DeLauer

Grocery shopping 101, the simple basics before you even leave the house. Now, I’ve done a number of grocery haul videos. I’ve done a number of ingredient breakdown videos, and I do those all the time, but people often want to see how do you plan, how do you plan to go to the grocery store, and what are the things that you should just know in your mind simply before you step foot in the grocery store.

Forgive me. This is going to be a pretty basic video, but it needs to be said. It needs to be understood so that you can make the really, truly good decisions when you step foot in that grocery store.

Now, I’m not a financial guru and I’m not going to pretend to be one, but one thing that I will say is I see people making the mistake consistently on trying to set a weekly budget for their food.

Do not set a weekly budget for your food simply because there is no way in heck that what you gather from the store in week one is all going to simply be gone and starting from scratch come the beginning of week two.

There’s going to be certain foods that you always have to rotate through each week, like your meats and possibly your dairy, but then there’s going to be foods that you buy that are absolutely going to carry over into week two and some into week three.

The next thing, when you walk into the store, this still has to do with budget. What is the order and the sequence in which you should shop? This makes a big difference. I’ve talked about this in my grocery haul videos. It’s so easy to want to just start going down the aisles. We go down the aisles, and we start grabbing the snack foods. We grab the almonds.

We grab the things. Don’t get me wrong, we need those things a lot of times, like we do want sauces. We do want almonds. We do have plenty of tasty things that we consume that are healthy that are still in the center aisles. I’m not completely numb to the fact that there’s good stuff in the aisles, but there’s an order of operations you should follow.

You want to be getting in your nut milks. You want to be getting in things that you’re going to be consuming from there, your eggs, possibly even your healthy deli meats if you can find some. That’s going to be the next realistic area.

If you’re doing a low-carb diet, this is where you’re going to find the cottage cheese, where you’re going to find the yogurt. These are all the staples. Now, at this point, we have talked about the perimeter shopping, which is kind of an old school notion.

You want to shop the perimeter, and that’s all that you should do and not worry about anything that’s in between the aisles. Perimeter is important, but I feel like you should start with the perimeter and then fill in the gaps with the rows and the aisles in between.

I would recommend in this case just going for raw whenever possible or get for ones that do not have canola oil or do not have soybean oil. If they do have oil in them because they’re roasted, try to find ones that have expeller-pressed canola oil or are using avocado oil or another healthy oil.

Very, very important there. Same kind of thing with the almond butters and the peanut butters, no hydrogenated stuff, none of that stuff. We’re going to break down looking at a label here in just a second too, just so you have a basic understanding, but that’s the thing we want to be focusing on.

If you do have room for that, that’s kind of the focus. The hierarchy of nuts that I would recommend that you get, we’re going to probably go, in this case, what you’ll find at a typical grocery store.

I know this is just a very basic breakdown of how to read a label, but it’s important that you do know, so, again, you factor this stuff into your budget. It doesn’t matter what scale you’re eating at or how big of a family you’re feeding, this should sort of be the baseline of it. It might be this big, it might be this big, but it’s all going to fit into the same framework that I just laid out. There’s the basics, grocery shopping 101. You’re going to get a lot more from me if you start following when I do my grocery store hauls. As always, keep it locked in here on my channel. I’ll see you soon.

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