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There are choices that you make everyday that affect your health and goals for 2022, and they can either be good or bad. This is the year to achieve your fitness goals, and it is not too late to get started. To help, here are 5 healthy choices to make in 2022 to help you reach your fitness goals!

Choice #1: DRINK MORE WATER. With your meals, instead of having soda or juice, have water instead. Drinking water keeps you hydrated, and will help your body function optimally. Water can also help you feel full, which can keep you from overeating during meal time.

Choice #2: HACK YOUR MINDSET. Try to shift to a positive mindset with what you have to do, whether it is going to the gym or eating healthier. Be excited that you are able to make these changes and improve your lifestyle to be healthier and in shape in 2022. If you need energy to be more positive going into the day, try ANABOLIC ATP to give you some energy boost. It is amazing, especially before your workouts! It also helps to visualize where you want to be, and know that what you are doing is going to help get you there.

Choice #3: LISTEN TO MUSIC. Update your music, so that you look forward to working out because you have a playlist that pumps you up. This will help give you a boost in your workout, and makes it more fun to workout as well.

Choice #4: HAVE A GO TO MEAL AND SNACK. Have a plan for when you get hungry between meals because you don’t want to be hungry and just go find anything to snack on. This will lead to craving more foods that aren’t in your meal plan . This can derail your progress, so try meal prepping for each week.

Choice #5: STICK TO YOUR MEAL CUTOFF TIME. Whether you are intermittent fasting or not, stick to your eating window. Doing this consistently will help create a good habit for your fitness journey. Make your last meal a high protein and fiber meal, and drink water with the meal.

Alright guys, some of these tips might take time to get used to. These will help you get leaner and more in shape in 2022! Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to get in shape and get ripped in 2022!

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