HOME LEGS WORKOUT (Box Burn Challenge!)

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If you’re looking for an at home leg workout that gets awesome results, you need to try these thigh exercises! These make for an awesome home legs workout. The only pieces of equipment you need for this leg workout for women are a box and a kettlebell or weight!

This womens leg workout will hit quads, hamstrings, inner thighs and outer thighs and incorporates a little bit of glutes too. There are also some plyo box jumps which will help coordination and athleticism. This legs workout at home has it all. It’s a complete thigh workout in your living room.

When it comes to a legs workout you don’t need a complete gym to be able to do a complete routine. These leg exercises will prove the point, because they hit everything! You’ll be surprised at how challenging this home thigh workout is!

Here are the legs exercises that make up this box jumps workout and leg workout for women:

1) One-Arm Snatch Step-Ups
2) Kettlebell Grab
3) One-Leg Touches
4) Rollback Box Jumps

So give this thigh workout at home a try and you’ll find these are the best leg exercises you can do at home!

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