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You don’t need to have a long workout to be able to get muscle building results, even for you guys over 50. It doesn’t need to be at the gym either. That is why I am going to show you how to get a big chest after 50 with this 9 minute workout routine. This is a circuit style workout, where you do each exercise back to back with very little rest in between. It is 3 different exercises, do 30 seconds for each exercise then rest for 30 seconds. You are going to want to do 3 total circuits. Let’s get started with the exercises to build a big chest with this 9 minute workout routine.

Exercise #1: DUMBBELL CHEST PRESS. You can do this laying on the floor, or a bench if you have one. Your goal isn’t to do a certain number of reps for this circuit, your goal is to do as many as you can in a span of 30 seconds. Try to do this exercise for the full 30 seconds. If you are doing this on the floor, avoid letting your elbows touch the ground.

Exercise #2: PUSH-UPS. Your chest is already going to be getting sore from the chest press, so you will need to push yourself in another push movement. If you are not able to do regular push ups for the full 30 seconds, do knee push ups. Do not stop until the 30 seconds is up, finishing the push ups however you can.

Exercise #3: DUMBBELL CHEST FLYES. You do not need to have your arms fully straight, keep a slight bend in your elbows. If you are doing them on the ground, do not let your elbows touch the ground. Get a deep stretch, and squeeze at the top of the contraction.

After you do one circuit, you need to do it 2 more times. The lactic acid is really going to burn on the second and third circuits, so you may need to use lighter weight.

In order to get chest definition, you also need to lose chest fat. That is why this type of training will help you lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

That wraps up this video on how to build a big chest after 50 with this 9 minute routine. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time at home.

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