How To Stay Motivated Working Out As A Man OVER 40 (DO THIS!)

Date: 2021-11-16 13:10:52

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Guys, it can be hard to stay motivated when on your fitness journey. Everyone struggles at some point. That is why I am going to give you some tips on how to stay motivated as a man over 40. There are times where you know you can have to go workout, but you just don’t have the motivation to go and workout, or to have a good workout. There are so many ways to help motivate you, so here are lots of tips that might help you to have a good workout and stay motivated.

Tip #1: MAKE IT A CONTEST. This works really well if you have a workout buddy. Challenge yourself, even if it is making a contest against yourself. Push yourself to be better than your buddy, or to be better than you were a week or month ago.

Tip #2: WRITE IT DOWN. Keep track of what you are doing. Keep a journal on how much weight or resistance you are using, how many reps and sets, your rest time, etc. You want to keep track so that you can challenge yourself and see your improvements and progress.

Tip #3: JOIN A GROUP. There are so many support groups, and we have a great Facebook Page called Anabolic Tribe. It is full of people that are on the same journey you are, and everyone wants to help each other!

Tip #4: TAKE A BREAK. If you have been on the same workout program for months and months, sometimes you just need to have a small break. Just make sure that you get back at it when you are good to get back to work.

Tip #5: YOU JUST HAVE TO START. This isn’t just about starting your fitness journey, you just need to start everyday. It can be hard to get out of bed each day, and get the day started. You need to just get up and face the day because that mentality will help you get moving and prioritize having your workout.

Tip #6: VISUALIZE WHAT YOU WANT. See a physique that you want to have, and pick that as a motivation to get to that point. You may not look exactly the same and it takes time, but you can get to a physique that you never expected.

Tip #7: TAKE A PRE-WORKOUT. There are lots of pre-workouts out there with caffeine, and if you don’t want caffeine there are other options as well. You will be surprised as to how that can help get your workout started full of energy.

Tip #8: DON’T SIT DOWN. Avoid the couch and sitting down after work. Just keep moving and go straight from work to the gym. If you can avoid the opportunity to sit down and relax then you won’t have to worry about skipping your workout.

Tip #9: LISTEN TO MUSIC. For so many people, it helps to have headphones to block out the things going on around you. It also helps to have music that you like and that helps pump you up during your workouts and before intense sets.

Tip #10: KNOW IT’S OKAY TO FAIL. You are going to hit a plateau or skip a few days, even mess up on your nutrition plan. That is okay! The important thing is that you keep pushing yourself to get back at it.

Tip #11: REWARD YOURSELF. Whether it is taking a day off, going out and doing something fun instead of doing your workout, or celebrating by having a cheat meal. Now don’t do this everyday, but when you push yourself so much, sometimes you need to celebrate with your progress.

Tip #12: USE COMPLIMENTS AS MOTIVATION. Compliments can help you see progress that you don’t see, but others do. It helps reassure you that what you are doing is working, and to keep doing it.

Tip #13: TAKE PROGRESS PICTURES. The before pic, no one wants to do, but you need to do it. Sometimes you don’t notice the change looking in the mirror everyday, which is why progress pictures can help you see changes.

Tip #14: JUST SUCK IT UP. Don’t make excuses for why you can’t workout. Get in and do it! Same with your nutrition. It is not always fun, but it is worth it if it means having a healthier lifestyle.

Tip #15: REMEMBER HOW GOOD YOU FEEL AFTER A WORKOUT. Workouts feel good, yes even leg day too, it always feels worth it after a workout.

Alright guys, staying motivated isn’t always easy, but here are some tips and tricks on how to stick with and never give up on yourself. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and stay on your fitness journey.

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