How To Use a SMITH MACHINE (Upper & Lower Body)

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I you want to know how to use a Smith machine to get stronger this smith machine workout is ideal for you. Not only will you learn Smith machine exercises like smith machine squats, splits squats and plie squats, you will also learn how to do beginner progressions for several upper body exercises. The Smith machine is a great tool to use for a pull up progression workout or how to do push ups for beginners.

For example if you want to learn how to do a pushup, you can do a simple beginner push up progression using the Smith Machine, lowering the level of the bar as you get stronger. The same applies for pull ups for beginners. You would start under the Smith machine bar and raise the bar for your pull up progression as you get stronger. This is a great way to do pull ups for beginners.
Check out the womens Smith machine exercises and tips for how to perform them:

1) Smith Machine Squats
2) Smith Machine Split Squats
3) Smith Machine Plie Squats

Other options:

4) Beginner Progressive Pushups
5) Beginner Inverted Pullups
6) Hanging Abs

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