Keto Day in the Life with Dr. Dom DAgostino & Thomas DeLauer

Date: 2022-02-12 21:20:21

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I had the privilege of doing a keto day in the life with Dr. Dom D’Agostino, neuroscientist, professor of molecular pharmacology & physiology, and one of the world’s leading keto researchers. We spent the weekend working out on Dom’s ranch, making delicious keto-friendly meals (and eating out), and, of course, chatting all things keto.

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
2:09 – Dom’s at-home gym
4:22 – Dom & Thomas Workout
15:33 – TRT & DHEA
17:31 – Pushing Hay Bales
19:47 – How Dom Eat When Traveling
20:39 – Check Out Ample’s Keto-Friendly Meal Replacement Shakes
25:18 – Post Workout Mediterranean-Style Meal
27:02 – Diet & Longevity Discussion
28:22 – Eating Out While on Keto
28:54 – Who’s Speaking at Dom’s Metabolic Health Summit this Year?
30:10 – Dom & Thomas’ Keto Dinner Orders (burgers)
31:54 – Day 2 – Solo Workout
32:38 – Dom’s Ranch
34:12 – Dom & Thomas’ Day 2 Workout
35:37 – Post Workout Keto Meal (beef liver) & Chat
37:07 – Ordering Keto at a Restaurant

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