Working out from home is becoming more and more standard, and it is a great way to build muscle and lose fat. Even though you do not have access to all the equipment that you would have at the gym, you don’t need much to get results. When working out at home, resistance bands and dumbbells are great and beneficial equipment. Even just using your bodyweight can get you great results on your fitness journey. Today, we are going to be focusing on band exercises for arms, especially for you men over 60.

Arms are a smaller muscle group, and you can build them with isometric exercises. They are worked in compound exercises, but since we are just focusing on the biceps and triceps you don’t need to include other muscle groups. Resistance bands are a great piece of equipment because it can add some really good time under tension to your exercises. Now you can build bigger arms from home as men over 60.

Here are the only 4 exercises for huge arms after 60:


Exercise #2: LYING FACE PULL



Add these exercises to your next at home workout to get bigger arms after 60!

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