If you are a man over 40, you can build muscle using lighter weights. Your workouts can also be intense, regardless of the amount of weight that you are using. One of the most attractive parts on the man’s body is the arms. Having arms that rip through the sleeves, and stand out whether you are shirtless or not is attractive! The biceps tend to look the best, but the triceps make up 2/3 of the overall arm size. That is why it is important to make sure to work both your biceps and triceps to get overall good looking arms!

There are compound exercises that utilize your arms, but the best way to build your arms is with isometric exercises. Focusing on only working your biceps or triceps in each exercise. This is a great way to have an intense workout for your arms, and you will see results fast when doing a workout full of isometric exercises for your biceps and triceps.

Here are the exercises in this intense arms workout for men over 40. Make sure to add this workout to your routine in order to build arms that bust through your shirt sleeves!

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