10 Minute Morning Workout (TOTAL BODY WAKE UP!)

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This morning routine is an energizer workout that will help you get a full body wake up call with will help with fat loss too. This 10 minute morning workout will show you how to lose weight and boost metabolism as well as strengthen your body.

This morning workout is a full body workout routine designed to help you burn fat. If you want to know how to lose fat, starting your day with a workout like this is a great habit to get into. Follow my morning routine to get your fat loss started.

There are 4 exercise in this full body workout. If you’ve never tried these moves, it’s a good idea to give them a trial run before attempting the complete morning workout.

You’ll do each of these metabolism booster exercises for 10-12 reps before moving on to the next exercise in this wake up workout. If you are a beginner try to do 1-2 rounds of this workout to burn fat. If you are more advanced you can try to do 3-4 rounds of this total body workout to lose fat.

Here are the exercises that make up this fat loss workout:

1) Band Bicycles
2) Band Flare Pushups
3) 1 Leg Hydraulic Front Squat
4) Handstand Squat Jumps

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