15 Minute Dumbbell Abs Workout

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This 15 minute abs workout contains all the best dumbbells only abs exercises to give you the best core workout possible in a short amount of time. This abs workout at home should take 15 minutes, but depending on your fitness level you can add or subtract rounds to make it shorter or longer.
There are 7 abs exercises in this 15 min ab workout at home. Each of these dumbbell abs exercises may be new to you, so please give the moves in this intense ab workout a try before attempting the complete workout!

For each of the moves in this dumbbell ab workout, you’ll do about 30 seconds of work followed by a brief rest. The easiest way to do this ab workout at home is to simply follow the instructor since this is a follow along 15 min ab workout.

Here are the exercises that make up this home dumbbell workout for abs:

1) Dumbbell Fold In and Out
2) Flutter Kicks
3) Side Plank
4) Side Plank (other side)
5) Crab Pull Throughs
6) Dumbbell 1 Leg Bicycle Crunches
7) 90 Degree Crunch

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