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This 7 minute legs routine will show you how to get lean legs while you build leg muscle at the same time. This legs workout for women includes legs exercises that tone and shape your legs as well as plyometrics to help increase your heart rate and your fat burn. It’s not possible to burn leg fat in isolation, but you can absolutely hit your leg muscles and burn overall body fat at the same time using these types of leg exercises.

If you want to know how to get slim legs, choosing the best leg exercises is key. In this leg workout for women we’ll show you how to get slimmer legs including the inner thigh with the best leg workout for this purpose. This legs workout for women is only 7 minutes long. You can follow along with the instructor for this routine for how to get leaner legs.

There are just 3 thigh exercises in this leg slimming workout. You’ll do each of the exercises in this slimmer legs routine for about 10 reps before moving on to the next. If you’re a beginner you can do just 1-2 rounds of this routine to get lean legs to start out. If you’re more advanced, try to perform a complete 3-4 rounds if you’re looking to slim your legs.

Here are the moves that make up this leaner legs routine:

1) Single Leg Plyo Bulgarian Split Squat (10 reps)
2) Deadlifts
3) Bench Up and Overs

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