At Home Upper Body Workout (INTENSE!!)

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If you’re looking for an advanced upper body routine you can do at home this womens upper body workout is a great one to try. These are home upper body exercises that will give you a great chest workout, arms workout, shoulder workout and back workout all in one.

This home upper body workout requires minimal equipment. There are 4 upper body exercises in this home workout. You’ll start by doing the first round of this intense upper body workout for 5 reps per exercise. Then you’ll do the next round of the advanced upper body workout for 6 reps per exercise and so on until you can’t do another rep! That’s why this is an upper body challenge that tailors itself to you. You do as much as you can!

The four exercises in this at home upper body workout will hit shoulders, arms, chest and back:

1) Row Pushup Row
2) Low Kickup to Pushup
3) Stop Pushup V Ups
4) 1 Leg Pushup to Overhead Press

This is the ideal womens upper body workout because you can do it anywhere you have access to a mat and a slick floor, including at home. So give this upper body workout a try!

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