Chest Workout for Women (ADD SHAPE AND VOLUME!)

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This womens chest workout is an upper body routine to help give you a natural breast lift. In this bust lift workout, there are 3 exercises to lift your breasts and help you build a strong upper body. Some women feel they need a chest enhancement procedure, but the truth is, while it’s not really possible to actually grow your bust with upper body exercises alone, it is possible to lift breasts with the right bust lift exercises.

This chest workout includes 3 exercises to lift your bust. If you want to see real results, it’s a good idea to stick with a 9-12 rep range in your breast lifting exercises. In this case, you should be choosing a weight for your chest exercises that feels really challenging in the last few reps of each set. If you are a beginner try to do this bust lift workout for 1-2 rounds of each of the upper body exercises. If you are more advanced you can shoot for 3-4 rounds of the chest exercises in this breast lift workout.

Here are the bust lift exercises that make up this workout:

1) Incline Chest Press
2) One Arm Wide Press
3) Decline Pushups

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