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When it comes to building muscle, especially as a man over 40 or 50, you need to do things a little differently. That is why I want you to do this to build muscle after 40 and 50, and you need to follow all 4 of these tips that are guaranteed to work. Commit to these 4 tips and you will see results in your muscle building journey. Here are the tips to help you build muscle after 40 and 50.

Tip #1: PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. You need to push yourself in your workouts, challenge yourself to increase the amount of weight you are using. Increase the intensity and try new exercises, or maybe increase the number of reps but with the same amount of weight. When doing this tip, it would help to keep track of your workouts and weights. This is to help you keep track of where you currently are, and to keep track of your improvements.

Tip #2: CONSISTENCY. It can be hard to be consistent, especially if you are just starting out or getting back in the groove after a long break from working out. Being consistent doesn’t mean just going to the gym every day or 5 days a week, it is maintaining the intensity in your workouts. Something that helps and I am sure many of you have tried it, and that is using a supplement. Pre-workout is something that helps you have the energy and drive in your workouts to pump up the intensity. Our company has come out with a pre-workout that is AMAZING! Check out the reviews we are getting and give it a try! Check out the website to see all the ingredients and what they do. It is a gamechanger!

Tip #3: PROTEIN. Your body breaks protein down into amino acids, and your body uses the amino acids to repair the muscles fibers that are broken down from your workout. If you are working out hard, but you are not getting enough protein, you are not going to get great results because your body is lacking the needed protein to recover and rebuild the muscle fibers.

Tip #4: OPTIMAL SLEEP. You have to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and good quality sleep. That is the time when your body is repairing those muscle fibers that you are working and breaking down in your workouts. It is also the time when your body produces most of your hormones, especially testosterone, which helps you build muscle.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video with 4 tips to build muscle after 40 and 50. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and get back in shape in 2022!

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