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Hey guys, other than Thanksgiving, it is that time of the year where we fill our stomachs with food! It is a time to celebrate, which is why I am going to tell you how to stop holiday weight gain, and still be able to eat all the delicious food! Some of these tips might be straight forward, but I want to remind everyone. Don’t think that you failed if you put on some weight from the Holidays.

Tip #1: DON’T FOCUS ON FOOD ALL DAY. The more you think about the food, the more you are most likely going to eat even when you’re not hungry. Don’t focus on each meal, just wait until it is time to eat.

Tip #2: CREATE A CALORIC BUFFER. If you know you are going to be eating and having a party, try to cut back your calories earlier in the day, or even a day before as well. If you typically have breakfast, maybe skip breakfast so you can eat more at lunch and dinner during the party.

Tip #3: SNACKING. When you are having snacks, go for some of the healthy snacks first. There is typically always going to be a vegetable tray, and they have lots of fiber. This will help fill you up a little, so you are not as hungry to eat all of the unhealthier snacks.

Tip #4: EXERCISE. You should have some more free time on the holidays, so it is good to get in a quick workout. Whether it is before or after the parties, try to do some form of exercise.

Now, if you put on 4 or 5 pounds of weight over the holidays, don’t freak out! It is not 4-5 pounds of fat! A lot of the weight gain is mostly water. Since it is the holidays, you are probably eating foods that you don’t normally eat. All of that, tells your body to hold on to water.

Now, for a bonus tip, that is SUPPLEMENTS. If you are having a hard time losing fat consistently, you need to try something different. Supplements do not work for everyone, but it is worth giving a try to see if it can help you. Anabolic Shred is one of our amazing products to help you burn fat, and use fat for energy.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video on how to avoid the holiday weight gain! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!

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