Total Body HOME HIIT Workout NO Equipment GETS RESULTS!

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This total body HIIT workout is a bodyweight workout that you can do at home with no equipment at all. This full body workout is set up as a pyramid style at home hiit workout. This means that this full body HIIT routine starts out easy and gets tougher as time goes on. To do this no equipment HIIT workout, all you need is a mat on the floor. You’ll get a total body fat burning and muscle building workout that will hit everything from head to toe.

To perform this pyramid style full body HIIT routine you’ll first do a single rep of each of the exercises in this total body home workout. So you’ll do 1 rep of the first execise in this home hiit workout, then 1 rep of the second exercise, one rep of the third and so on until you finish the round. For round 2 of this full body at home workout you’ll be doing 2 reps of each of the exercises. 3 reps for all of the exercise in round 3 of this no equipment hiit workout, etc. You’ll keep going until you’ve gotten up to 10 reps of each of the exercises in this HIIT workout at home. So yes, this at home workout is going to get much harder pretty quickly.

If you’re a beginner and you find you need to take rest periods during this bodyweight HIIT workout, try to take 20 seconds of rest when needed and then keep going through the rest of the reps in this no equipment workout. If you are more advanced try to take no rest during this full body HIIT workout. If that’s not possible, not to worry. Take 10 seconds of rest when you need it before moving on in the at home HIIT workout.

Here are the exercises that make up this bodyweight HIIT workout:

1) Burpee w/2 Jump Squats
2) Yoga Pushups
3) Jump Lunges
4) 4 x 4 Burpees
5) Plank Plush

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