Triceps and Abs Workout (5 KILLER EXERCISES!)

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This abs and triceps routine will help you get toned triceps and toned abs in just one workout. This is a triceps workout for women that will also hit abs. Triceps and abs are two areas that we frequently get requests about, so we decided to combine them in one womens arm workout that will also help you get a flat stomach.

This arm workout for women includes several triceps exercises and several moves for toned abs, as well as some that will hit both abs and triceps. It’s important to note that if you’re looking to lose arm fat and get a flat belly, you will have to work on nutrition in addition to workouts for how to get a flat stomach. When it comes to losing fat, you can’t rely on exercise alone. However a toned arms workout with tricep exercises and an included abs workout will help you get toned arms and stomach.

Here are the exercises that make up this toned arms workout:

1) Kickback Crunch
2) Situp to Tricep Extension
3) Bridge w/Close Grip Press
4) One Leg Bent Over Extension
5) Plank Tricep Extension

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