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No workouts in this video, the focus is to talk about what you should do when you feel down or defeated. Whether your workouts are not working for you, not seeing results, your nutrition has gone down the drain, or maybe just life problems are bringing you down. Everyone is going through something, so don’t feel like you are alone because this is a normal thing for everyone to experience. So, here are some tips to help pick you back up when you are feeling defeated.

Tip #1: BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. You need to admit to yourself that you are in a rough spot, and that is okay to do. Maybe you had an injury that is affecting, but you don’t want to admit that it is slowing you down. There are so many different things, but you need to be honest with yourself and don’t avoid what is going on.

Tip #2: CHANGE THINGS UP. Fat loss goals are one of the hardest to achieve on a fitness journey. Everything can be going great then all of a sudden you just hit a plateau. It can be hard to bounce back from that and get motivated again. Sometimes you need to change your nutrition plan or change your workouts to help you get back on track with getting results.

Tip #3: ACCOUNTABILITY. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may like working out alone, or maybe you have been looking for someone to workout with. Whether you actually workout with someone, or you just have someone that is aware of your goals, it is important to have someone that motivates you and keeps you accountable.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video on what to do when you feel defeated. Give some of these tips a try, and remember you are not going through it alone. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and be more motivated this summer.

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