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It is time to burn some fat for you men over 50, and we are going to do it with this killer HIIT workout. This is going to be a follow along workout, so get ready to do this with me. High Intensity Interval Training is very time efficient, so you don’t have to have a really long workout. Your body is also going to build a lot of lactic acid because you are going to be working your body hard in such a short period of time. It is also going to create an EPOC Effect, which means you will be burning fat long after your workout is done. Now, let’s get started with the exercises in this workout.

This circuit-style workout is going to have a total of 4 exercises. I want you to do a total of 3 rounds of the circuits in this workout to burn fat. Try to go from exercise to exercises without any rest in between, but if you need a short rest that is okay. Push yourself to improve every time you do this fat burning workout.

Exercise #1: RAISED LEG PUSH-UP. You are going to do this alternating your legs after each rep. When you go down on the push up, you are raising your leg at the same time.

Exercise #2: SQUAT JUMPS. You are going to squat down as far as you can then jump in the air. Your legs are apart during the squat then you bring your legs together when you jump up.

Exercise #3: SHOULDER TAP PLANK. You are going to be in a push up plank position, and you are going to alternate from side to side.

Exercise #4: DUMBBELL JACK. Use light dumbbells for this exercise, and you are going to do jumping jacks but instead you are pushing the dumbbell straight up in the air.

Alright guys, that wraps up this follow along video with a total body fat burning workout for men over 50. Give this workout a try a couple times this week. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to lose more fat at home this summer.

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