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It looks good to have big shoulders, especially since it is a small muscle group. There are some exercises you want to avoid doing and some exercises that are an absolute must. That is why I am going to give you the best and worst shoulder exercises for men over 50. Your shoulder joints are made to be extremely flexible, but because of that they are weaker. The more muscle you have around the shoulder joint, the more stable it will be. If you are smart with the exercises you do then you are going to have healthy shoulders for a long time. With that said, let’s get started with the best and worst shoulder exercises for men over 50.

Best Exercise #1: DUMBBELL LATERAL RAISE. You can’t use a lot of weight with this exercise, at least not the weight you would use for other muscle groups. Raise the dumbbells up to your side, and get your elbows up. The dumbbells do not need to go higher than your shoulders. Don’t swing the dumbbells up, and control the weight up and down.

Best Exercise #2: SEATED DUMBBELL OVERHEAD PRESS. If you have a shoulder injury where you can’t raise your hands above your head then you probably can’t do this exercise, or you can do it with a modified form. Try using a really light weight to see how much of the movement you can do, and pick a weight where you can do 10 good reps.

Best Exercise #3: SEATED REAR DELT RAISES. Don’t think about raising the dumbbell, the goal is to get your elbows high and behind your back. When you bring the weights up, your pinkies should be on top facing the ceiling. You want them to be higher than your thumb.

In general, using a solid barbell negatively impacts your mobility when doing exercises. This can put stress on your shoulder joints and wrists, so if you can, always try to use dumbbells.

Worst Exercise #1: BEHIND THE HEAD BARBELL PRESS. Not only does this compromise your shoulders, but it also makes you push your head forward putting stress on your neck.

Worst Exercise #2: UPRIGHT ROWS WITH A BARBELL. This puts your elbows and arms in an awkward position, putting stress on your shoulders.

Worst Exercise #3: LATERAL DUMBBELL RAISES (HEAVY WEIGHTS). If they are too heavy, you are going to have terrible form. It’ll make you use your back for momentum to get the weight up, and strain your shoulders because you are trying to get the dumbbells up quickly and drop them right away.

When it comes to any exercise, it is always important to make sure you use a weight that doesn’t affect having good form. If you have bad form when doing an exercise then it is already a bad exercise. Make sure you are utilizing the best form to get the best results, and protect your muscles and joints.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the 3 best and worst shoulder exercises for men over 50. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle the right way this NEW YEAR!

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