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High levels of cortisol can have negative effects on the body if cortisol levels are chronically elevated over long periods of time. So here are 5 signs that you may have prolonged, elevated cortisol levels!

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Visit to get up to $200 off your Helix mattress, plus two free pillows
2:12 – 3 Reasons Why Your Cortisol Levels Might Be High
3:23 – What Can You Expect if Your Cortisol is High?
3:42 – Weight Gain in These Areas
5:17 – Altered Mood
6:19 – Muscle Weakness (over time)
7:20 – Skin is Changing/Wound Healing Patterns are Different
8:36 – Thinning Hair
9:18 – Sleep Patterns
10:29 – Recap

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