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Today is going to be a full follow along dumbbell fat loss superset workout for men over 50. This workout is designed to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. You can follow along and do this workout with me, or give it a try a different time. Since this is a superset workout, it is going to ramp up the intensity because of less rest between exercises. It is going to be a lot of exercises in a short amount of time, so it is going to get your heart rate pumping to help you burn fat. Alright let’s get started with the exercises in this fat loss superset workout for men over 50.

Superset #1: INCLINE DUMBBELL BENCH PRESS paired with DUMBBELL BACK ROWS. For the incline bench press, you want the bench to be no more than 30 degrees. If it is more than 30 degrees then you are going to be working your shoulders more than your chest. Jump right into the back rows using the same bench then drive the dumbbells up initiating the movement at your elbows. Bring your elbows up behind your back, and squeeze at the top of the movement.

Superset #2: BICEP CURLS paired with SKULL CRUSHERS. You can do this seated or standing. Focus on keeping your elbows in a fixed position to avoid using momentum to bring the dumbbells up in the curls. Jump right into the skull crushers, and you can do this laying flat on the bench. Use 2 dumbbells at a time, keeping your elbows in a fixed position, and pull the dumbbells up only using your triceps.

Superset #3: LATERAL RAISES paired with DUMBBELL SQUATS. For the lateral raises, you don’t need to bring the dumbbells up higher than your shoulders. Keep a slight bend in your elbows throughout the whole range of motion. Go right into the dumbbell squats, using two or one. If you are using one dumbbell you can do a goblet squat.

I want you to do 12 reps of each exercise, and you are going to do 2 total circuits in this workout. If you want to challenge yourself you can do 3 total circuits. Try to keep the rest at no more than 90 seconds after each superset. Push yourselves to improve every time you do this workout.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a follow along full body fat loss workout for men over 50. Give this exercise a try! Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle at home.

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