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I know sometimes it can be hard to get into the gym, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting in a good workout. That is why I am going to give you a 10 minute HIIT workout that you can do at home, so follow along as we do this workout together. Now, what are the benefits of HIIT Cardio? Not only is it a great way to get an increased heart rate and good workout in a shorter period of time, but it also gives an EPOC Effect. This means that when the workout is done and you are back to a resting heart rate, you are still going to be burning calories long after your workout. This workout consists of 10 exercises, with 3 different levels depending on your fitness level.

Beginner Level: 20 seconds on the exercise/40 seconds rest
Intermediate Level: 30 seconds on the exercise/30 seconds rest
Advanced Level: 40 seconds on the exercise/20 seconds rest

Exercise #1: SEAL JACKS. Instead of bringing your hands together above your head, you are bringing them out in front of you.

Exercise #2: PUSH UPS. If you need to do knee push ups for this, that is okay. It all depends on your fitness level. Just do your best to do them for the whole time, whether it is 20, 30, or 40 seconds.

Exercise #3: FORWARD LUNGES. Alternate each leg for this exercise. If it hurts your knees, you can try doing reverse lunges, which will put less stress on your knee joints.

Exercise #4: LEG RAISES. It may help to keep your hands under your butt for stability. Do not let your heels touch the ground, keep them elevated for the entire exercise.

Exercise #5: RUN IN PLACE. Kind of like doing high knees, you want to get your legs up in the air. Don’t just do taps barely lifting your feet off the ground. The more you push yourself, the better the workout will be.

Exercise #6: PLANKS. This is going to be just the standard elbow plank. Do your best to keep your butt in the air and your back straight.

Exercise #7: MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. In a push up position, drive your knees up to your chest. Same as the running in place, push yourself as hard as you can for the whole exercise.

Exercise #8: CLOSE SQUATS. Keep your feet close together, kind of like you are in a skiing position.

Exercise #9: SHOULDER TAP PLANKS. In a push up position, go from side to side tapping your shoulders.

Exercise #10: BURPEES. The final exercise is going out with a bang. When you go down to the ground, you want to make sure that you are touching your chest to the ground.

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Alright guys, that wraps up this 10 minute follow along best bodyweight workout for men. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to lose fat and build muscle at the same time at home.

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