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The shoulders are a small muscle group, which means you don’t need much to work them and get good results. When you have big shoulders, whether wearing a shirt or not, it makes your back look wider and your waist a little smaller. So don’t ignore working your shoulders! That is why I am going to give you a big shoulders at home workout for men over 50.

When working shoulders, you do not want to ego lift when you’re in the gym. You don’t need to lift more weight than you should be lifting. As a result, you use terrible form to get the weight up, and you are putting yourself at risk of injury. The movements in these exercises are designed for light weight. The time under tension and mind muscle connection are what I want you to focus on. With this said, here are the exercises in this big shoulders workout at home for men over 50.

Exercise #1: LATERAL DUMBBELL RAISES. This is going to focus on the outer head of the shoulders. You don’t need to bring the dumbbells above shoulder height, and keep a slight bend in your elbows. When you use a slow and controlled movement, you are more focused on just using your shoulders to bring the dumbbells up.

Exercise #2: REAR DELT RAISES. You can do this exercise seated, and you want your palms to be facing upward with your pinkies on top. This will focus more on the rear part of the shoulders. If your pinkies aren’t in the air then you will be engaging more of the lateral head of your delts.

Exercise #3: ARNOLD PRESS. You can do this seated or standing, and you are going to need to use light weight for this one. Bring the dumbbells up in front of you, and have your palms and the dumbbells facing you. As you push the dumbbells up, rotate the dumbbells so that they are facing in front of you. If this puts stress on your lower back, you can do this seated.

Exercise #4: FRONT DELT RAISES. For this, you are going to keep your arms straight. Since the weight is further away from your body, it has more leverage on your muscles. You can do this with your palms facing each other or facing down. You will need to use lighter weight because the weight is so far away from your body.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with an at home shoulder workout for men over 50. Give this workout a try the next time you work shoulders. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and lose weight at home this year.

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