Guys…today I want to go through a killer arm workout with you. You can do this at home, and all you need are some dumbbells and a little bit of imagination. This workout to build perfect arms consists of 4 exercises, back to back, without any rest in between. We are going to alternate between biceps and triceps to give them rest between exercises. To build muscle at home, sometimes you need to get creative with your exercises. Let’s get started with this arm workout at home.

Exercise #1… TABLE DIPS. You can do this exercise on a sturdy table or couch.

Exercise #2… CRAZY 8. You bring both dumbbells up then do 8 reps with one arm, and switch keeping the opposite arm up the entire time.

Exercise #3… DUMBBELL KICKBACKS. You can balance yourself on a table, or you can use your knee.

Exercise #4… CROSS-BODY HAMMER-CURL. We are going to 8-10 reps, and utilize a supinated grip with the dumbbells.

This will be one circuit. Rest for 2-3 minutes after each circuit, and aim to do 4 circuits.

Let’s get started with the table dips as we go through this together. Listen to your body, if your shoulders and elbows don’t allow you to go too far down, that is okay.

Now directly onto the Crazy 8’s. It is good to use a slow controlled movement to really focus on getting a good stretch and contraction. The opposite arm that is staying contracted is really going to get a good workout from this exercise.

Next, onto the DUMBBELL KICKBACKS. Really focus on keeping your elbow in the same place during this exercise. You don’t want to be swinging your arm because it is taking less work from your triceps.

Lastly, the CROSS-BODY HAMMER-CURLS. We are hitting the bicep from a completely different angle in this exercise. Use a weight that you can utilize good form and slow controlled movements.

That was one circuit. You will probably need a good 2 minutes to rest before starting your next circuit. Do 4 complete circuits of these exercises, and you are going to get a great pump.

Well guys, that wraps up this follow along workout to help you build perfect arms at home. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build arms at home:

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