How To SNATCH YOUR WAIST (Best Exercises + Tips!!)

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The best workout to snatch your waist is our MAX/Shred program

This slim waist workout will teach you how to get a small waist by following the best tips for a slimmer waist and giving you some of the best abs exercises.

If you want to know how to get a tiny waist and an hourglass figure, it’s important to know that a lot of what you will be able to accomplish will come down to genetics. If you’re born with small hips you probably won’t be able to build super wide hips. Much of the slimmer waist appearance comes from having natural curves and working on getting a slim waist through overall body fat loss. This will mean that if you want to know how to snatch your waist, your first step will be ensuring you’ve got an excellent nutrition plan.

However, you can get well on your way to a tiny waist by doing some specific waist snatching core exercises. Here are some of the moves for a slimmer waist we like best:

1) Tick Toc Plank
2) Cat Cow w/Vacuum
3) Bicycle Crunches

You can perform these snatched waist exercises up to 5 days per week. Its ok to work abs more often than other muscle groups.

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