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Guys, summer is right around the corner, so it is time to start working on your physique. There is not a lot of time, so I am going to give you 6 exercises to help you get ready in a short period of time. You may think it is crazy, but none of these exercises are going to work our arms. The reason for that is because we are focusing on proportions. The shoulder to waist ratio is important, to help give you that v-shape look. These are exercises designed to get a big chest, wide back, round shoulders, and as small of a waist as possible. There aren’t exercises that will “make your waist smaller”, but there are exercises to give you good looking abs for when you shed the belly fat.

Aside from these muscle building exercises, you need to try and lose as much fat as possible for the summer season. With this said, let’s get started with the exercises to get the “Summer Body” ready.

Exercise #1: DB CHEST PRESS. You want to have the bench on a slight incline (30 degrees). The higher the incline, the more you are going to work your shoulders in this exercise. That is not a bad thing, but if you are trying to work your chest, you are taking away from that.

Exercise #2: DB LATERAL RAISE. When lateral raises, you can’t use too much weight because you are bringing the dumbbells so far away from your body. You also want to make sure you are utilizing good form, you do not want to use momentum to bring the dumbbells up. Keep a slight bend in your elbows, and the dumbbells do not need to go higher than shoulder height.

Exercise #3: ONE-ARM DB BACK ROW. You can use a bench or table to put one hand on to help support your lower back in this exercise. Doing one arm at a time helps you focus on building your back, without putting unneeded stress on your lower back. Pull the dumbbell up and back towards your hip, initiating the movement at the elbow.

Exercise #4: MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. This is great core exercise and cardio exercise, depending on how fast you do the exercise. This is a good exercise for your abs because it does not put a lot of stress on your knees or back. You can go straight up with your knees at a walking pace, you can add hopping and more speed, you can also bring your knees across your body depending on your fitness level.

Exercise #5: DUMBBELL SHRUGS. You can surprisingly lift a lot of weight in this exercise. This is a great way to build some big traps to make your neck and back look a lot bigger. Shrug the dumbbells up, and hold for a couple seconds, squeezing at the top of the movement. You do not need to roll your shoulders, just go straight up and down.

Exercise #6: DUMBBELL PULLOVER. You may need to do this without weight first, to get used to the balance and the movement. This is going to focus on working your lats. Have the dumbbell back behind your head at a full stretch then pull the dumbbell back up straight over your head.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with 6 exercises to get a “Summer Body”. Give these exercises a try! Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and lose fat for the shirtless season.

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