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Aside from nutrition, it is important that you are doing the right exercises to help you get a flat stomach. Especially with summer right around the corner, it is time to make some progress. That is why I am going to give you 3 amazing exercises to help get you on track for getting a flat stomach after 50 for this summer. To get your abs to show, you need to clean up your diet first. No more processed foods, and you need to be eating at a caloric deficit if you want to lose fat. With this said, let’s get started with the 3 exercises to help you get a flat stomach after 50.

Exercise #1: TWO-ARM DEAD BUG. Start by laying flat on the ground. You are then going to bring your arms, upper back, and legs off the ground at the same time. When doing this exercise, do not let your hands and feet touch the ground for the entire range of motion during the whole exercise. Doing this will help constant tension on your abs and core, keeping from getting rest with your hands and feet on the ground.

Exercise #2: BENT KNEE WINDSHIELD WIPER. Lay on the ground with your arms out to your sides to help stabilize your body. You are then going to lift your legs off the ground, and move your legs and your hips from side to side. Focus on keeping your upper body flat on the ground when you rotate, your shoulders should not lift up off the ground. This exercise is going to work your obliques as well, in addition to your front part of the stomach. It is similar to a russian twist, except you are laying down on your back.

Exercise #3: CRUCIFIX CRUNCH. Start again by laying flat on the ground, with your hands stretched to the side. Bring your knees up to your chest, then touch your heels with your hands. Go back to the starting position, but keep your feet off the ground for the whole exercise. Keep doing this for each rep.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video with 3 amazing exercises to help you build a flat stomach. Make sure to give these exercises a try, and clean up your nutrition to get a flat stomach. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle after 5 at home.

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