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If you are looking to get back into the gym, or you have been back to the is time to get some bigger arms! I am going to give you a big arms gym workout for men over 40. If you want to give bigger and more defined triceps, and biceps that pop out of your shirt sleeves then this workout is for you. The biggest key to each exercise in this workout is controlling the weight throughout the whole range of motion. Let’s get started with the exercises in this big arms gym workout for men over 40.

Exercise #1: DUMBBELL INCLINE CURLS. Using an incline bench helps you get more range of motion for the curls. Have your elbows behind you, and keep your core tight. Use a supinated grip, and make sure you do not swing your arms to use momentum. Keep your elbows back because if they are directly under your hands at the top of the movement then you are taking tension off of your biceps.

Exercise #2: BICEP TRIPLE COMPLEX CURL. This means you are going to do 8 reps of each hand position per set, so this is going to kill your biceps. The first 8 reps are with your palms facing down, the next 8 reps are a standard supinated curl, and the last 8 reps are hammer curls with your palms facing each other. Rest for 2 minutes then do a second set of this exercise.

Exercise #3: CLOSE GRIP BENCH PRESS. Retract and depress your shoulder blades at the start of the exercise. Have your hands shoulder width on the barbell, and keep your elbows tucked in close to your body.

Exercise #4: PARALLEL BAR DIPS. Try to use narrow bars as opposed to wide bars, the wider the bars the more you will be working your chest instead of your triceps. If you can’t do a lot in the beginning that is okay, aim to improve the number of reps you can each time you do this exercise.

Exercise #5: TRICEP OVERHEAD EXTENSION. This allows you to get a maximum stretch in your triceps, activating so many muscle fibers. You can use dumbbells, a cable machine, and an EZ curl bar. Since you are lifting the weight above your head and behind your head, it is important to keep your core tight throughout the entire range of motion. You can also do this exercise seated with some sort of low back support.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the best big arms gym workout for men over 40. This is going to help you get some massive arms! Aim for 3 sets of each exercise, and 8-10 reps except for the bicep triple complex curls. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and lose fat at the same time.

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