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This is going to be a killer workout to help you get bigger arms! We are going to utilize something called giant sets in this workout. This is going to cause lactic acid to really build up in your muscles. This is not something you necessarily want to do every day because it will kill your muscles. Every once in a while, throw giant sets into your workout. A giant set is 4 sets back to back with no rest in between. All 4 sets don’t need to focus on the same muscle group, but today we are solely focusing on the arms. Let’s get started with these bicep and tricep exercises in this workout to get bigger arms.


Exercise #1: ZOTTMAN CURLS. Have your palms facing forward, curl the dumbbells up, rotate your wrists so your palms are facing down at the top of the movement then take the dumbbells back down.

Exercise #2: HAMMER CURLS. Your palms are going to be in a neutral position facing your sides, and bring the dumbbells straight up and down.

Exercise #3: DRAG CURLS. Bend over slightly, and you are going to pretend you are holding a bar, and you are going to drag the dumbbells up the front of your body. You are pulling with your elbows, and bringing the dumbbells straight up.

Exercise #4: CLOSE-GRIP CURLS. Use one dumbbell at a time, put both hands on the heads of the dumbbell, and bring the dumbbell up like a normal curl.


Exercise #1: SKULLCRUSHERS. You can do this on the ground, have the dumbbells slightly behind your head. Keep your elbows in a fixed position, and bring the dumbbells up above your head.

Exercise #2: OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENSIONS. You are going to do this exercise seated, using one dumbbell at a time. Put it behind your head, and you are going to push straight up.

Exercise #3: CLOSE-GRIP TRICEP PRESS. You are going to do this on the ground, bring the dumbbells close together, bring them down to your chest, and push straight up above you.

Exercise #4: BENCH DIPS. You can do this on a chair, coffee table, whatever you have access to. Put your hands behind you with your feet out in front of you, dip down, and push yourself back up.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a dumbbell giant set workout for bigger arms. Throw giant sets into your next workout to get more gains. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle from home.

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