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If you have bad joints, and you want to get rid of belly fat, this is for you. I am going to give you a low impact cardio workout that you can do at home to shred belly fat. This is going to be easier on your joints, so that will not hold you back. You don’t need to have a long cardio session to shred belly fat, a short intense workout is going to give you quicker benefits for fat loss. This is going to be a circuit style workout, and each exercise is going to be time based.

If you are a beginner or out of shape, I want you to do each exercise for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds. So 1 minute for the first exercise then do the same thing for the next exercises. If you are in better shape, you don’t need as much rest. So, you are going to do the exercise for 45 seconds then rest for 15 seconds. With this said, let’s get started with the exercises in this low impact cardio workout to shred belly fat at home.

Exercise #1: BODYWEIGHT SQUAT WITH PUNCHES. You are going to squat then when you get back to the top of the movement, you are going to punch the air 4 times.

Exercise #2: RUSSIAN TWIST. You are going to sit on the ground, with your feet flat in the ground. Then move your hands from side to side, you can also add a dumbbell for more resistance.

Exercise #3: DUMBBELL SNATCH. Have your feet in a squat position, grab the dumbbell then snatch it up above your head. Go back down then switch hands and do the same thing.

Exercise #4: SKATERS. You are going to hop from side to side like you are skating. If you have a hard time balancing, or the hoping hurts your knees, you can just step from side to side.

You are going to do a total of 3 circuits in this workout, and that should only take you a total of 12 minutes. It is a quick workout that does not require equipment, and you can do this anywhere.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a follow along low impact cardio workout that shreds belly fat. Try doing this workout a couple times a week to get some good results. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and lose fat at home.

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