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A lot of the time, you hear about what to eat after a workout. Well, that is important..but today I want to talk to you about what you should eat before your workouts, and what you should avoid because you don’t want to go to the gym having eaten something that will negatively impact your workout or intensity.

You want to avoid having a full stomach of fiber going into your workouts. Avoid eating a lot of veggies close to your workout. You want to avoid things that make you feel heavy and sluggish. Also avoid heavy proteins and fats like chicken and beef, at least avoid eating too much before the workout.

Now, what are good foods to eat before your workout? The first thing you should try is a pre-workout! Anabolic ATP has been a game changer for ramping up the intensity of workouts, it makes you feel more alert and energetic, and it tastes great! Our website also has a list of all the ingredients in the Anabolic ATP, and tells you what each of them do.

Another item you can have before your workout is Triscuits. It is a great way to get some simple carbs in, you don’t need a lot just a snack. You can also eat flavored rice cakes instead if you don’t like triscuits. You want to eat light foods so that you don’t feel bloated going into the workout.

You don't need much before a workout, but it is important to have energy for your workouts to make sure they are productive and that you get the most results possible. What you eat after your workout is also very important to make sure that hard work pays off. These tips are for eating 30 minutes before a workout.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial on what you should have before a workout. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and lose fat at the same time.

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