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This is the new year where you are going to reach your fitness goals! Whether you are starting now, or you started on January 1st, you can make it happen. That is why I am going to help by giving you 4 tips to help you reach your fitness goals. Before we get into the tips, you need to make sure that you have a plan for where you want to be, and the goals you want to reach. Pick a plan, stick with it, and get the most out of this year. Now, here are the tips for you to reach your fitness goals in 2022!

Tip #1: MAKE SURE YOUR PLAN IS RIGHT FOR YOUR AGE. If you are a man in your 40’s or older, you need a plan that is designed for your age and starting point. We have a Ripped Over 40 Workout Program and a Fit After 50 Program that can help you get started and reach your goals!

Tip #2: TRY JOINING AN ONLINE FITNESS GROUP. We have a free Facebook group that you can check out and join, by clicking the first link in the description. We are answering questions, and there are so many guys in the group supporting each other on our fitness journeys.

Tip #3: SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE. You want to have people around you that are trying to reach goals as well, and that will help keep you accountable on your fitness journey. It also helps to have someone that you can workout with, and to challenge you in your workouts. It doesn’t have to be someone the same age as you, but you want to have someone where you can push each other in your workouts.

Tip #4: YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR “WHY”. Why are you trying to get back in shape, why are you pursuing these goals this year? Maybe it is to just be healthier, so that you can live longer and be with your family longer. You may just be looking to build your self confidence, and that is a good reason too. No matter what the reason, you need to know your why because that is going to be your motivation every day.

Alright guys, these are my tips to help you reach your fitness goals in 2022. Remember these and apply these as you set your goals. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time at home.

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