Fat Burning Plyo Workout (MAKE IT BURN!)

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This fat burning workout is full of plyo exercises to help you burn fat in an awesome HIIT cardio workout. If you want to now how to use cardio to boost your metabolism, these plyometric exercises are the ideal place to start.

Its important to know that along with your fat burning workout if you want to know how to boost your metabolism, you need to include a focus on nutrition into your plan. Cardio can help you increase your metabolism, but you won’t be able to burn fat if you’re not following a healthy nutrition plan.

This plyo workout contains 3 plyo exercises. You should do each of the fat burning moves in this metabolic workout for 1 minute before moving directly onto the next of the plyometric exercises in this HIIT workout. You can rest for 30 seconds at the end of each round of this metabolism booster. If you are a beginner, shoot for 1-3 rounds of this fat burning plyo workout. If you are more advanced, try to do 3-5 rounds of this routine to increase your metabolism.

Here are the fat burning exercises that make up this plyo workout:

1) Bosu Ball Jumps
2) Handstand Switch Jumps
3) Bosu Burpee

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