As a man, especially a man over 40, having a muscular looking chest is crucial. Aside from ripped abs, and big muscular arms, a good looking chest is a cherry on top for a good physique. Losing the chest fat and replacing it with muscle is not the easiest task, but it will be very rewarding when you accomplish that goal. When breaking down the chest, there are the lower, mid, and upper chest muscles. You do not always need different exercises to work all parts of the chest, but working the chest from different angles will help with getting a full, muscular chest.

In order to get a bigger and good looking chest, it takes more than just resistance training. Like I said earlier, you do not want to have a fatty chest. So making sure to focus on nutrition and HIIT cardio is also a big key to getting a good looking chest. The resistance training, paired with eating enough protein and getting good quality sleep, is the main components for GROWING your chest!

Here are exercises and tips to grow your chest fast. Make sure to incorporate these in order to get a bigger chest as a man over 40!

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