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This is going to be a fun workout for you guys today, and it is also going to be a follow along workout! It is time to make sure you have big arms for the summer. This is going to be a superset style workout, meaning you are going to do 2 exercises back to back without any rest. After the 2 exercises, rest for 45 seconds then do it 2 more times. We are going to do a total of 3 supersets, and 3 sets of each. With all this said, let’s get started with this amazing superset arms workout with dumbbells.

Superset #1: INCLINE CURLS & INCLINE KICKBACKS. You are going to do 8 reps for each exercise. Make sure to keep your elbows behind your back for the curls, and keep your elbows in a fixed position to avoid swinging the dumbbells up with momentum. For the incline kickbacks, we are focusing on our triceps. Again, have your elbows behind your back in a fixed position then drive the dumbbells back behind you.

Superset #2: CONCENTRATION CURLS & OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENSIONS. We are going to be alternating sides, so there is no need for the rest period as the other arm is getting rest when the other is working. For the concentration curls, have your elbow on your inner thigh for stabilizing the arm, making it so you focus on just using the bicep to curl the dumbbell. For the overhead extensions, again one arm at a time, bring the dumbbell above your head, bend at the elbow as you lower the dumbbell then drive it back up.

Superset #3: CLOSE GRIP BICEP CURL & SKULLCRUSHERS. Using 2 dumbbells at a time for the bicep curls, you want them to be touching each other throughout the whole range of motion. Lay flat on a bench for the skullcrushers, bring the dumbbell up and behind your head. Hinge at the elbows as you lower the weight then drive them back up.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a sun’s out guns out follow along dumbbell arms workout. Hope you enjoyed the workout to get big arms this summer. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and get ripped after 40.

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