Let’s face it, as a man, we love to work our upper body more than our lower body. Nothing wrong with that! Of course, never skip leg day. However, today, we are focusing on working and building our upper body. When breaking it down into working your whole upper body, instead of individual muscle groups, it is important to add some compound exercises to the workout. You want to work to get boulder shoulders, a full rounded chest, a wide back, small waist, and big arms! You can do this from home, and make sure to work your upper body more often to achieve this!

Working out at home can come with challenges that you might not run into at the gym. However, that does not mean you can not build muscle working out at home. To make up for not having some equipment or heavy enough weights, adjust the exercises to still work your muscles to the point of breaking down and tearing your muscle fibers. The more you break down your muscles, the more you can build muscle during the rest and recovery time.

Here are the exercises in this upper body at home workout for men over 50. Make sure to add this to your workout routine in order to build more muscle and get in shape after 50!

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