It is never too late to build muscle, it doesn’t matter if you are in your 40’s or inching past 60. It is a myth that you are “too old” to build muscle or to get in shape or get the body you want. If you set a fitness goal, use a plan that works for you and stay consistent. Like anything, the best way for you to achieve something is by continuing to work at it.

In order to build more muscle, regardless of your age, you need to incorporate resistance training into your weekly routine. When you resistance train, you are breaking down your muscle fibers with microscopic tears. That is the first part of the process. In order for you to build the muscle, you need to make sure you are resting and recovering properly.

Getting good quality sleep for 7-9 hours is when your body recovers and repairs the damaged muscle fibers. When they are repaired, they grow back a little bit bigger and stronger. Staying consistent with your workouts is when you are going to see the best results!

Here are tips on how to build muscle after 60. Make sure to follow these tips, and remember you are never too old to build muscle and get in shape after 60!

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