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If you feel like your circulation and blood flow have been lacking then this smoothie is worth a try! It is a quick smoothie that you can make with great ingredients to help increase your blood flow. This will help you have more energy, just with a simple drink. Let’s get started with this smoothie, and here are a list of ingredients for you:

Ingredient #1: FROZEN BERRIES

Ingredient #2: SPINACH AND KALE

Ingredient #3: GINGER

Ingredient #4: COCOA POWDER

Ingredient #5: MILK (2%, almond, etc.)

Ingredient #6: PROTEIN POWDER

Adding the protein helps you get your daily protein needs, not necessarily with the focus on bloodflow. Having the protein in a smoothie, instead of just with water or milk, is a nice change to get your protein with good taste. You can have this at any time, it does not need to be before or after a workout necessarily.

If you use our TestoGreens, you can also add that in this smoothie to get your greens in with better taste. Give this smoothie a try to help increase your blood flow. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to get in shape after 50.

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